What students say

Some comments from my past evaluation forms

National Novel Writing Month Boot Camp, UVic, Nov. 2011

“Good structure to stay motivated through a tough month of writing.”

“Prepared me very well for a wild month.”

“Excellent, experienced instructor.”

“I would happily take it again and encourage others to sign up with me.”

“I failed to write but increased my determination … Even though I didn’t write a novel, I feel I am closer to knowing what I need to do to succeed.”

“Thank you for a great time writing!”

“Great facilitator!”

“Was ‘damn’ satisfied!”

Become a Published Author, UVic, Nov. 2010

“With the internet, most of the information given in this class could be found elsewhere, but having the personal accounts from the instructor was very motivational and much more interesting than just looking it up. And having the instructor answer questions was so helpful. Enjoyed it very much.”

“This course forced me to ‘get it together’.”

“Course was very informative and helpful and well-presented in a comfortable environment…I have a much clearer understanding of the processs involved…I found the course covered what I needed to know. I feel confident about the process now. ”

“The workshop time in the second class was extremely helpful. I liked the workshop format, especially getting to work on our own submissions and getting feedback on them.”

“Alisa Gordaneer is very organized and knowledgeable on this topic—very worthwhile.”

“The format for this class is good—having it over the course of a couple of weeks helps to continue the motivation/gives time to prepare submissions to publishers.”

“I would recommend it to anyone interested in making that first tentative step from writer to published author.”

“Alisa was able to answer all the questions I had, as well as questions that I would never have known to ask.”

Nanowrimo Boot Camp, UVic, October 2010

“Alisa is a fun and inspiring instructor.”

“The prompts were always helpful and stimulating.”

“Alisa is an excellent instructor!”

A Taste of Food Writing, Uvic, February 2011

“I got a lot of valuable info and I was inspired.”

“Some excellent guidance from Alisa: lots of inspiring ideas.”

“Amazing amount of information presented and discussed.”

“Very good lecturer/instructor/facilitator”

“Thanks for a fun & interesting & informative course.”


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