My work appears in the following collections:

Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia, eds. Susan Musgrave and Mona Fertig (Mother Tongue Press, 2013)

Poems from Planet Earth, eds. Yvonne Blomer and Cynthia Woodman Kerkham (Leaf Press, 2013)

Framing the Garden: Reflections of Victoria, ed. Linda Rogers (Ekstasis Editions, 2012)

The Maternal is Political, ed. Shari MacDonald Strong (Seal Press, 2008)
The Breastfeeding Diaries, ed. Angela Wiechmann (Meadowbrook Press, 2007)
My Wedding Dress, eds. Anne Carter and Susie Whelehan (Knopf Canada, 2007)
Chick Ink, ed. Karen Hudson, (Adams Media Inc. 2006)
The Dire Elegies: 59 Poets on Endangered Species of North America, eds. Karla Merrifield and Roger Weir (FootHills Publishing 2006)
The Making of Peace Poetry Broadside Series, 2006, ed. Kelli Russell Agodon
Gardening at a Deeper Level, eds. Sam and Virginia Longmire (Garden House Press, Trenton OH, 2004)
Three-Ring Circus, ed. Rosanne Welch (Seal Press, 2004)
Women Who Eat: A new generation on the glory of food, ed. Leslie Miller (Seal Press, 2003)
Breeder, ed. Ariel Gore (Seal Press, 2001)
Love and Pomegranates, ed. Rona Murray (Sono Nis, Victoria, Canada, 2000)
Threshold: Six Women, Six Poets, ed. Rona Murray (Sono Nis, Victoria, Canada, 1998)


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